Sunday, April 13, 2014

Nonnewaug Fishweir

The most recent photos of the Nonnewaug Fish Weir washing away:

April 2014


  1. Growing up our property was one corn field away from the falls. I spent a lot of time walking thinking fishing and camping there. To me it was the most heavenly place on earth. I have such great memories of the falls and an so glad it is being reserved.

  2. I grew up in Woodbury and never saw the falls, but the whole area is very beautiful. I'm glad I grew up in such a historic and ancient land. Thank you for posting all this information Mr. NacSweeny

  3. Tim, thank you for your wonderful work. I am working on my thesis for my MFA program, a novel place in Woodbury. Although my children both graduated from Nonnewaug High School, I have never been to Nonnewaug Falls. I will go as soon as I can.